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Saturday, September 6, 2014

"The Fruit of Labor..." Plano West Minutes 9/6/14

Plano West Toasters
Area 64
District 50
Club 614471
Meeting Date:
Total Attendance:
Toastmaster of the Day:
Fayola Huffman CC
The fruit of labor…..
Word of the Day
1. Characterized by hard work and perseverance
2. Working hard to promote an enterprise

Prepared Speeches:
Speech Info:
Patricia Adams
"Matters not..."  The story of Bojangles
Elizabeth White
Denise Loughlin
"Off the cuff..."   An Impromptu Speech
December Sidderwhite

Table Topics Master
Dheeraj Pahuja
Fayola Huffman

Best Speaker
Patricia Adams
Best Table Topics
Christopher (Guest)
Best Evaluator
Stan Ellis

*Highlights of meeting* Patricia gave a message of forsaking the idiosyncrasies that we may have
about others or the frustration that comes with the daunting tasks that we face in life.  Instead: Channel our
energy into our strengths and abilities and God will help us with the rest.
Denise performed an "off the cuff" speech selected by her Evaluator Stan: "How to clean like a 
Toastmaster." It was random yet humorous and she tapped into her thespian talents.  A student "Chris"
visited for the first time, volunteered to be the first TT speaker and won!!! Dheeraj challenged
us with engaging table topics comparing ideas/virtues like: "Fate versus Karma", "Destiny vs. Future",
"Diligence vs. Energy" and "Endeavor vs. Struggle".  It was very existentialistic and prompted participants to
share their personal philosophy of life, 'off the cuff' and within 2 minutes.  All speakers qualified.

Secretary: Fayola Huffman CC

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