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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Club Contest & Special Tribute to Jack...

Greetings Jack!

We miss you already!!!  Recap from the club contest:  It was the most packed that I've seen it.  Jack, "word travels fast"... I don't know who leaked =) but it appears that someone sent word that we needed help for our "club level" contest.  "The cats out the bag" so I can freely write the update of our experience in the blog.  Our very own area Governor Dawnie Dahir,  graced us with her presence and assisted with the proceedings.  Manhal Shukayr DTM,  came prepared with ballots and became our chief judge.  There were so many guests we had to get extra chairs!

About the contest: Tia stood in her presidential role & presided as Contest master like the "team leader" that she naturally is.  Dan Curtin, humored us with his "sleeping with Dan speech" and shared about his parasomnia sleep walking experience. Mahendra Dorairaj, shared a familiar speech about his art project 'lie'  & trip to Russia.  Ms. Bianca Felici, was a ' hoot' participating in both the Evaluation and Humorous speech contest, and Carol Mitchell gave a dynamic and spunky evaluation as usual.  Bianca won the Evaluator contest and Dan won Humorous speech contest.

Club business: Ms. Denise returned & she is looking well! Kiran made her debut & stated that she is ready to be a regular.   We will keep our torch burning brightly kind sir and continue to foster personal growth and development in a welcoming international environment.  May you find pleasure & purpose on your new venture in life... An amazing cycling group to ride with... Easily make new friends (not a problem with your personality)... Charter an international group that you are proud of... And discover a church home that feeds your mind and spirit man.  Thank you for your encouragement & assistance in sharpening and developing me into seasoned Toastmaster.  Ms. Bianca & Carol competed as Evaluators Jack... after the competition they gave each other a warm embrace & I thought to myself: "That's the Plano west spirit."  ~Fayola Huffman

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