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Friday, May 30, 2014

Long time Toasters coming back to our meetings!

I ran into Rani Verma at the Carpenter Recreation Center this week. Her response immediately after the greetings: "I have been trying to come back to the meetings! I miss the club!"

Rani was a member of Plano West Toasters a couple of years back, when we were still meeting in the Plano Public Library on Communications Parkway. She then went on to pursue a graduate program which conflicted with her Saturday schedules.

Each of us is juggling with multiple tasks and priorities. Time conflict is a major reason that prevents our members from attending the meetings, and sometime from renewing their memberships. However one thing remains constant: Plano West Toasters enjoy the camaraderie and supportive environment that we have built together for each other! Our club meetings and occasional club socials keep us together as a club, and the friendship really lasts.

One other example is Rachel Tran, our former president. Rachel joined the club a few years back in a meeting held in the Davis Library, and delivered her Ice Breaker speech on her second visit. The "club life" became one of the her "weekly high-light" for quite a while, when the mother of four had to juggle part time jobs, school and extra-curriculum schedule of the boys, and being the president of the wildly popular Plano AsiaFest!

Rachel's plan? Coming back the meetings - Yeah!

Here is a page from the recent Plano Profile magazine that covers the recent Plano AsiaFest in May, 2014. Rachel took the most prominent stage on this page. You should recognize her the next time she comes to our meetings, even if you have not met her!

Welcome back to our meetings, fellow Toasters!

- Jack

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