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Monday, March 24, 2014

Denise Enjoyed the Area 64 Contest Master's Hat!

What an incredible contest! Congratulations again to Fayola and Mahendra for their wins! 
This contest would not have been the fantastic success it was without all the team work -
1.  Andrea as timer; Tia in charge of registration; Dave and Jack for all their work putting together and printing the program; Dave for standing by as contest master just in case; Stan and Marguerite for supplying the cooler with all those delicious drinks; and for Andrea's sister, Tia's husband and all the friends who came out, cheered for each contestant and participated by being with us!
2. Robert Srb for his work as contest chair putting it all together!  For the thank you gifts he gave all team members! And for his support to me especially as contest master.
3.  Chief Judge Tim Dittmer for his help guiding me as contest master, working with Robert to make sure this was the fun night it was!
4.  For all the judges and other helpers- could not have done it without everyone's help.
I was not at all upset in any way by not being listed on the program. The focus is team work, the contestants and a successful experience for everyone. I thank all of you for the chance to represent the club as contest master, first time at an area competition!
I used humour "proclaiming" our club was so advanced in it's ten years as a team that we can even transcend science's known boundaries that I was actually Jack Sun by our club devizes. It was one way to explain the last minute substitution of me for Jack without any ado, or fuss. It is important for Plano West to present a united front. Last minute switching of any role in a contest by the host club is an emergency measure. This was the way I believed worked best to have some fun, let everyone know I was not the scheduled contest master :) 
It was great to see former Plano Westers' Beth Thomas and Aisha Muhammed as judges and making sure everything went so well!
It was such a lot of fun!  All the speeches were great, the contestants prepared and a total success because everyone pitched in!
Thanks so very much for allowing me to be contest master, laughing along and helping me develop my own leadership and communication skills in our contest.


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  1. Denise thank you for being the type of person who is unafraid to have fun and express yourself in ways that makes us all have a great time and feel accepted. It was definitely a fantastic contest. Everyone put their efforts into making this event one to remember. All the guests were very kind, respectful, and supportive. It was truly fun and engaging! Loved it! :-)