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Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Spring Speech Contests @ Plano West

On behalf of Plano West Toasters, I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the 2014 Spring Tall Tales and International Speech Contests. Last Saturday, March 8, our club came together to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our most talented speakers. Through the efforts of all club members that we have put on a great contest event. To underscore Andrea's comments in the previous post, I would just add that what characterizes Plano West Toasters is its commitment to nurturing and educating public speakers at all levels to be the best presenters they can be. Plano West promotes an unparalleled blend of compassion and competition that greatly benefits the already distinguished professionals, leaders, and parents in the club.

The event was divided into two parts--the Tall Tales Contest and the International Speech Contest, with healthy and delicious snacks before, after and in between!

Denise was the Contest Master. Our judges for this year's contests were Jack, Robert, and Kiran. 

Tall Tales Contest

Mahendra received the 1st place award.

Andrea received the 2nd place award.

International Speech Contest

Fayola received the 1st place award.

David received the 2nd place award.

Fayola and Mahendra will represent Plano West to compete in the Area Contest next Saturday, March 22nd. Andrea and David will represent us should the first place holders be unavailable at that time. We wish them all the best of luck!

Special thanks to Tia, Kim, and Denise for making this event truly special.

Join us next Saturday for a regular club meeting followed by an evening of excitement as the best speakers from our Area compete at Holiday Inn Express. Plano West will host the Area Contest as we celebrate our 10th anniversary! 

- Halbert Bai

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