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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Conquering the Leadership Projects in the CL Manual

Fellow Toasters,

Toastmasters is "Where Leaders Are Made." This means we need to pay as much attention to the Competent Leader Manual as much as the Competent Communications Manual. However, it is a known fact that most of us found it easier to deliver speech projects than to complete the leadership projects.

What happens if that we perform the duties and functions that could earn us the Leadership credits, but we were not evaluated in time for the completion, resting in the "lost credits" for our efforts. Each time we assume a major meeting role, we could have earned the credit for having completed the corresponding CL project. But because we were not evaluated for the work we performed, we could not claim the credits. This is a major "opportunity leakage" at every meeting!

A proposal was made today for us to take the needed action after each meeting, so we can complete the "evaluation loop", which will allow us all to claim the credits for completion of the leadership projects, each time we perform the major meeting roles!

Below is an outline about this proposal. We hope our members will participate in this quest, so we can make more progress on our Leadership Track, and contribute to more credits on our Distinguished Club Program in the same time.

The Needs: Each major meeting role needs to be evaluated for completion of a Leadership Project in the CL Manual. This earns the club and our members the CREDITS on the Leadership Track.

The Problem: We often forget to bring the Leadership Manual to the meeting, therefore we performed the Leadership Functions (taking major meeting roles) but simply "wasted" the chance for the credits! We could have 5-10 points earned at each meeting, but we often could not catch the credits we deserve!

The Proposal: For all members who are attending each meeting, everybody will provide a written feedback for another club member who performed major meeting roles. The written feedback is a form of "Written Evaluation" of the Leadership Project from the Leadership Manual. The recipient will in turn use the feedback to mark off a Leadership Project from the Leadership Manual.

What's Unique: Instead of providing the written evaluation on the CL Manual on the spot, the written feedback will take the form of an e-mail, from the Evaluator to the Recipient - during the week AFTER the meeting! The "action item" is for the Evaluator to send an email to the recipient after the meeting, as written feedback for how he performed the specific leadership role.

Immediate Benefit: We will be harvesting the Leadership Project credits like storm! This will immediately add points to our Distinguished Club Program (DCP), and our members will earn the CL certificates much faster (claim the otherwise lost credits).

Secondary Benefit: The added action for each member attending the meeting will encourage our members to interact with each other more often, thereby improving the bounding and friendship among our club members, making our club more "social"!

Detailed Logistics: We tentatively decided today, that each member will evaluate the person seating next to him/her! This may not work for every meeting depend on the actual seating.... More details will need to be figured out!

Potential Problem(s): A recipient might have performed certain roles more than is needed in the Leadership Manual... We need a way for the recipient to designate a specific Project for evaluation, which will require each member to study the Manual (benefit), and tell the other member WHAT to evaluate! Further discussions are needed...

Let's talk about this idea and see how we can put the proposal in motion! Your input will be greatly appreciated!

- Jack


  1. I think it's a great idea! If we are doing that by e-mail then people have to know what do evaluate as stated on the manual, so the person being evaluated needs to let their evaluator know. Also, since it's done by e-mail does each individual person copy what is on the e-mail into their manuals by hand? Do you want people to print out the e-mails as proof, or how would that work?

    1. You brought up a good point Andrea on what the recipient should do wit the feedback. I personally do not see a need to "copy/paste" anything to the book. If you provided feedback for my Speech Evaluator role in the "Listening" project, then I will directly go to page 8 of the CL Manual to write down the Date of the meeting role and your name as my Evaluator, then consider that portion of the "Listening" project complete. I do not see it necessary to have the "physical presence" of your narratives in the book.