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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tri-Club Combined Meeting - "A Blast"

Some called this meeting the "Last Gavel" in District 50.

Plano West Toasters, Timberglen Toastmasters, and Legacy Leaders came together on June 29, to celebrate the last meeting of the Toastmasters Year (2012-2013). Guess how many people attended this Tri-Club meeting? Forty five (45)!

This crowd is larger than some of the Area Contests I have seen :)

The "sister club" event started between Plano West and Timberglen, at the time the Timberglen club was chartered a few years back. The two clubs have had joint meetings in the past few years, rotating the hosting locations. This is the first time Legacy Leaders joined the fun, making the D50 "Last Gavel of 2013" a Tri-Club event. Distinguished Toastmaster Skyler Kanegi shared the news about the revitalized Legacy Leader story with the members of the sister clubs.

The Tri-Club joint meeting was hosted by Competent Communicator Fayola Huffman. In the word of Distinguished Toastmaster Judith Rinehart, Fayola's presence at the lectern was a combination of grace, eloquence, and beauty!

In addition to the three clubs whose members were the focus of this meeting, as articulated by Competent Communicator Mahendra Dorairaj, the President of Plano West Toasters, the Tri-Club event was also more than sufficiently represented by various District 50 leaders, both out-going and incoming, as the "Last Gavel" event in the District. 14 District leaders attended the tri-club meeting, representing the Area level, Division level, as well as the District level. Both the current D50 Governor Tracie Henderson, DTM, and the incoming D50 Governor Danni Babik, DTM, attended this great event.

Every club meeting is a learning opportunity. Distinguished Toastmaster Judith Rinehart, who served as the General Evaluator of the meeting, role-modeled how we could properly introduce each speaker and evaluator, through a brief interaction with each of them before the meeting. With efforts not quite noticeable to the others, she brought quite a few personal highlights for each Evaluator at the meeting. What a great way to teach!

As usual, the participants at this meeting came from various levels of their Toastmasters education and experience. Some speakers were presenting projects from the Advanced Communicator manuals, some were just starting. Kumar of Plano West presented his first evaluation to Advanced Communicator Denise from Timber Glen at the meeting.

Distinguished Toastmaster Sonia Wynne introduced the District 50 officers to the attending club members, giving the club officers a chance to meet some of the D50 leaders. With the on-going TLI events already schedule for July, members and officers of the three clubs will surely find it easier to expand their professional networks through the Toastmasters organizations.

The Last Gavel it was! Here is a picture our dear friend Lois Parks, together with her fellow outgoing club presidents from the sister clubs, to officially adjourn the last meeting in District 50.

Now it is time to start the brand new Toastmasters Year (2013-2014) for the three sister clubs.

For Plano West Toasters, this happens to be the 10th year in operation!

- Jack


  1. Awesome, thanks for posting this Jack! Such a good time...

  2. Yes indeed Mr. Skaggs...everything was amazing! I was glad to see the other groups display their talent and met some really good people. Congrats again sir on your "win-win"... no pun intended.


    Thanks for showing us how to network, collaborate while still having fun. I appreciate you.
    = )

  3. Great summary Jack. Fayola you did an amazing job. Inspirational speech by Dave resonated strongly with me. Felt a real high and excitement at meeting a lot of new people today. Thanks to everyone for this successful event. - Mahendra

  4. Words can not describe the energy, enthusiasm, and sense of oneness that was present on Saturday. I had a blast and look forward to our partnership in the future. -Shanell Snyder, VP Public Relations - Timberglen Toastmasters