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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Plano West Completes A Great Year!

There are two more meetings to go to complete this Toastmasters Year of 2013. Here are a few things of significance that deserve the spot lights -

1. The Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Toastmasters International evaluate the performance of each club by the TEN DCP goals. Our Officer Team had set out to shoot for all TEN goals for this year, fro, July 2012 to June 2013. This is what we have achieved - quite a few months before the end of June:

Plano West Toasters reached 9 of the 10 DCP Goals! Here is what's shown at the web site at this moment:

Every club is pride to be a Distinguished Club every year. Plano West happens to be a President's Distinguished Club several years in a roll! 

2. Celebrating our Tenth Anniversary!

Plano West Toasters was officially chartered in June of 2004. In July 2013, we officially starts our 10th year as a prominent and vibrant club on the Tollway in Plano! Of the past nine years, Plano West Toasters was recognized as a President's Distinguished Club for seven years - on top of the chart 80% of the time!

It's fun to belong to a club that receives top honors each year! Way to go, Plano West Toasters! With the new team of Officers elected, we are set to start a new year worth a grand celebration!

3. A special "combined meeting" is scheduled for the Last Meeting of the Year

On Saturday, June 29, Plano West Toasters will host a combined meeting with a sister club from Dallas. Timber Glen Toastmasters will join Plano West to have a joint meeting!

Twice the people, twice the fun! Please contact the club officers to take on a meeting role! We need speakers who want to go out of the typical small group comfort zone, and we need to assign all helpers role one week ahead, so both clubs can fully plan the event for this special event.

Mark your calendars - the combined meeting is scheduled for -

TIME: Saturday, June 29, 2:00 PM, 2013
Location: Holiday Inn Express, 3101 Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75093

Curious about Plano West Toasters? Please contact us on the web, through e-mail, give us a phone call, or "Like us" on Facebook!

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