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Friday, June 21, 2013

"Don't sweat the small stuff..."

I was looking forward to Saturday June 15th for a myriad of reasons...
Not only because I knew that this would be a relaxed time for fellow toastmaster's: (A barbeque, a diversity of cultures,  great conversation admist an eclectic group that is like minded in their quest for empowering themselves and others), but it also marked a signifigant new era... a 'changing of the guard'.

Fellow Toaster's... Last Saturday, we finished the final nominations for our elected officers.  I couldn't help but reflect on the past 6 months of being on the board, how the opportunity has allowed me to be exposed to another part of TM's.  As a VP of membership, I have learned to develop a birds eye view of  engagment skills and group dynamics in one of the most influential International Organizations:  Toastmaster's International!

Upon reflecting, I couldn't help thinking about what I would have liked to have done; better, more of, or differently.  But my light rumination was silenced as I engaged in the "experience" around me...  I enjoyed Dave's Vegetarian Asian dish (did you guys know that he can cook)?
I couldn't help but laugh at Jack's attempt to start a fire using his glasses to get the bbq started (it didn't happen ya'll). I was in utter amazement to find out who used to be the "biggest kid in the school" (you had to be there, and you will probably never guess...). And I was pleasantly surpised by a visitor that was not only willing to join us outside on a hot and humid day, but was actively involved in a role: (Thanks for being an Evaluator Sri, I look forward to hearing your story!).

With all that being said, this event and term was a success! Not because we made 9/10 of requirements and remained Distinguished Toastmaster Group... not because our room is always full to maxium capacity (it's not always full). But because we have the ability "as a group" and a team to foster a sense of; community, intimacy, transparency and authenticity wherever we go... and it makes us ALL the better!

To our future leaders, I acquired a simple epiphany while sitting out in the heat of the day, hair press sweating out and all. = )  It doesn't matter if you sweat, or fumble, or have a few faux paus along the way, as long as you "know who you are sweating with."  I like our group... it is a weekly "filling station" where performance anxiety has dissolved, and for me it is all about enjoying the "experience".   It is with great pleasure that I pass the baton of  VP of Membership to Mrs. Tia York! I am happy to take the passenger side of that vehicle and enjoy yet "another view".  Tia your going to be great!

~Fayola Huffman 


  1. "filling station" great way of putting it. The outing in the park was a lot of fun, I hope we do another one before summers up.

  2. We used to do a club outing in the lake later in the summer :)

    Here are some old pictures of the 2008 boating event:

    We had another one but not sure where the pictures are... Will look for it!