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Friday, May 3, 2013

Club Meeting Sampler: April 27, 2013

Here is a recap of the club meeting on April 27, 2013, by Elizabeth White

Plano West Toasters
Area 64, District 50, Club 614471
Meeting Date: 4/27/2013

Total Attendance: 16
Toastmaster of the Day: Elizabeth White
Topic Theme: Things we lie about…..
Word of the Day: Counterintuitive (Adjective) - coun·ter·in·tu·i·tive (koun t r- n-t -t v, -ty -).
1. (of an idea, proposal, etc) seemingly contrary to common sense
2. Counter to what intuition would lead one to expect:
Sentence Use: The direction we had to follow was counterintuitive—we had to go north first before we went south.

Prepared Speeches:
1. Mehendra Dorairaj, "Satisfaction is the Name of the Game"
Advanced Manual:  Story Telling, Project #3-Moral of the Story, 5-7mins
Evaluator: Elizabeth White

2. Ganesh Natesan, "Duties"
CC Manual:  Project #9 - Persuade with Power, 5-7mins
Evaluator: December Sidderwhite

3. Carol Mitchell, "Personality Types"
Advanced Manual:  The Entertaining Speaker, Project #2-Resources for Entertainment, 5-7mins
Evaluator: Fayola Huffman

4. Sharon Johnson "Value Measurement"
Advanced Manual:  Speaking to Inform, Project #5-The Abstract Concept, 8-10mins
Evaluator: Jack Sun

Table Topics Master: Narendra

Awards and Recognitions:
Best Speaker" Sharon Johnson (Guest)
Best Table Topics: Smita (Guest)
Best Evaluator: Elizabeth White (Guest)
Fire Cracker: Elizabeth White (Guest)

Business /Other Announcements:
Spring Conference is approaching Please plan to attend !!!

Submitted By: Elizabeth White

Submission Date: 4/29/2013

Function: Toastmaster (Secretary Proxy)

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