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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Plano West to conduct training for YMSL Plano

Have you heard about the Young Men's Service League?

It's a youth service organization that aimed at developing leadership skills in youth. They organize to deliver services in the community, such as food drive, habitat for humanities, homeless shelters, and many other kinds of community services and philanthropic activities.

The Plano chapter of YMSL had a need for someone to conduct a session on Public Speaking. The originally scheduled trainer was unable to do it for the prescheduled date. Guess who the League turned to? Toastmasters in West Plano!

The club web site provided the info for the adult advisor for the League. What told her where to look for? She remembered that her father was a Toastmaster when she was in Junior High School!

It was logical and swift. When the service call was sent to the club last Sunday, we immediately received responses from our members - and friends! A team of SIX was formed on Wednesday for the mission!

It was a well composed team -

- Helena was experienced in delivering motivational speeches to youth;
- We had our "favorite twins" who are willing to help;
- Jon, Narednra and Jack were the rest in the squad.

A proposed structure was coordinated with the League and we were on our way to deliver the session.

Helena was very good with her "demo speech"! She was poised, confident and personable with the audience, a group of young men of 16 and 17 years.

Very skillfully she used props and interactions to address the subject of COURAGE. She got the audience well involved in her speech. It had a very clear structure ("the rule of three"), high-impact visual demonstration through a pyramid of plastic cuts on the table, and round the room participation from the kids. She set a very easy sample for talking about the elements of Public Speaking.

Then it was Jack's turn to provide a briefing about Public Speakings, the What, Why and How.

It sounds like a big talk but actually really easy. The kid provided examples of well know public speeches. Jack summarized the "why" through their commonalities. Then using the example techniques that Helena used in the demo, the basic building blocks were covered, all wrapped around what the audience has just seen.

The demo took 11 minutes; the briefing took 8 minutes. Then it was INTERACTION TIME!

- Our team sat in front of the audience to answer questions from the audience about public speeches;
- It naturally also involved in how things are done in our club!
- After the team answered the questions from the audience, we turned the able around to pose "Table Topics" to the youth!

The entire session took us about an hour. It was a wonderful experience with great satisfaction!

Congratulations for the demo team!

Special thanks to the twins! We hope to have generated some general interest for the Plano Kids to look for a new Youth club in the neighborhood, soon!

PS, you can learn more about the YMSL Plano here.

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