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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leading the Pack: Selected Distinguished in November

Plano West Toasters reached a major milestone in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) in November 2012: As of November 30th, the club has met 7 out of the 10 DCP goals, qualified for a recognition as a "Select Distinguished Club".

Each "new Toastmasters' year" starts on July 1, and goes thru the end of next June. Clubs have 12 months to attaining the 10 performance goals, which are measured in several areas:

  • Educational progress on the Communications Programs, as measurer by the number of members who achieve the Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator milestones;
  • Educational progress on the Leadership Programs, as measured by the numbers of people achieving the Competent Leader and Advanced Leader milestones;
  • Membership drive progress, as measured by the number of new members since July;
  • Officer Training goals;
  • Club Business Reporting goals.
Plano West is famous for attracting new members. Within the first three months since July, we've added 12 new members. By the end of November, we've added 14 new members! In the same time, our club members have achieved more than six educational credits, and we've done a great job attending training sessions and submitting officer election reports. All of this added to 7 of the 10 goals for the year!

Typically a club achieves about 5 of the ten performance goals in the first six months since July. Achieving 7 goals is really a remarkable performance! Becoming a Select Distinguished Club before the end of December puts Plano West on the top five high-performance clubs in District 50!

Plano West rocks!

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