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Monday, November 19, 2012

PlanoWest Club Social A Smashing Hit!

Did you come to the Club Social @ the Holliday Inn on Saturday, Nov. 17?

If not you've missed an awesome party! The club social was a resounding success! We had about 30 people at lunch, with amazing variety of food at the counter! If I were to make a forced choice of "top 3" items, they would be:

- Charles' BBQ pork
- Sivani's Indian Chicken Rice
- Lucero's baked cream rolls

The speeches, evaluations, and table topic games were fantastic! Everybody had a great time with the competitive table topic games, in the absence of any awards!

As a club social, part of the success factor is the participation of family and friends. Boy did we do well! Friends and family members counted more than half of the crowd in the very homy Breakfast Room! 

Another exciting ingredient was that our Area Governor Robert showed up with the Outstanding Club Officer Award plaque for Helena! Robert accepted the award for Helena at the District 50 Conference last weekend, and delivered the plaque to our party yesterday. Wish Helena was there - with all of you!

Many thanks to Jeannine and Sudhir for putting things together for all of us! It was a very enjoyable event indeed, at a very beautiful and comfortable space! I also wish Andy was there, so he can BLOG the event for us - better that what I can do here!

Luckily Lucero and Andrew are willing to filling the void for us. This is a test of the new Blog Spot for our club. This is posting is accessible to all - members and friends, then Lucero will lead a team to continue the Club Blogs for Planowest Toasters!

Finally to answer Gina's question about this Saturday, Jeannine did ask the crowd if some would be available for a meeting this week. The answer was affirmative. The group probably will be smaller than usual, but we do plan to have a meeting in our regular hours.

The big 3 team is composed as this:

- TMoD: Jack
- TTM: Lucero
- GE: Jeannine

Speakers at this moment:
- Lucero
- Mahendra
- Rachel

We look forward to another great meeting over the Thanksgiving weekend!

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm, Saturday, Nov. 24th
Location: Holiday Inn Express, Plano, TX 75093

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